2 Acne Treatment Remedies For Scarring That Really Work

1. Dermabrasion: This is a type of procedure which represents scraping of the skin. Sounds funny but it is actually something like “Sanding” which is a construction term for making wood smoothe. It is usually best for people who have sun-damaged skin, scars or dark spots.

This procedure is usually very painful, requires anesthesia and leaves your skin red and raw-Looking afterward. Takes months for the skin to re-heal and re-grow. Although very good for removing raised-up scars less good with sunken scars.

In earlier times this procedure was done using a small sterilized electrical sander but more commonly used now is a “Yag Laser” which is now much easier to control and less messy.

2.Laser Resurfacing: This technique is done as a procedure during laser surgery in which the offending scar is dissolved by a laser. It has to do with molecular bonding of the scar. It is a very good treatment also for “Spider Veins”.

One area in which this has become very useful is during liposuction to remove excess fat from chin and jaw areas. Skin usually wrinkles after fat is removed and this procedure tightens and smooths over the new contours. There are some new devices that are now being tried which are plasma based instead of laser but the laser based devices still seem to be better.

Well, if you have very painful and or disfiguring acne there are quite a few options available. Not all equally effective and some rather uncomfortable procedures to say the least. I have given you here 2 acne treatments that really work.

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