Acne in Pregnant Women & How to Clear Up Acne

Though acne is considered to be affecting adolescence more, it can affect adults also. Acne is common skin condition amongst teenagers. There are number of factors associated with occurrence of acne. A change in hormonal levels is one of the major causes responsible for development of acne condition. Pregnancy is a stage where lot of hormonal changes takes place in a women body. Though acne itself does not produce any harmful health complications in the pregnant women, it can lead to social anxiety and depression. Treatment of acne in pregnant women needs utmost caution and care as use of medications that can produce side effects can affect the unborn baby. Possibility of adverse implications of the health of unborn baby can not be ignored. It is advisable that pregnant women consult their health care provider for treating their acne condition. The health care provider will consider factors like constituents of medication, allergic reactions etc before selecting the right medication for treating acne in pregnant women. Never use over-the-counter medications for treating your acne, especially when you are pregnant. Bear in mind that any side effects produced by use of wrong medications not only produce adverse side effects for you but may also lead to health implications on the unborn baby.

Treating acne in pregnant women with natural remedies is best option. Ensuring nutritious diet, adequate sleep, relieving stress and using natural dietary supplements can help in preventing occurrence or aggravation of acne. Colloidal silver is considered as one of the safest natural supplements. Colloidal silver is manufactured from pure silver through non-chemical process. The microscopic silver particles in colloidal silver supplement are easy for absorption by the body cells. These particles eliminate bacteria by affecting enzymes essential for growth of bacteria and killing them. Colloidal silver is also considered helpful in maintaining hormonal balances. Most importantly, colloidal silver being natural produces the desired results without incurring any side effects or affecting body systems and useful tissues. This property of colloidal silver makes it safe for use. Colloidal silver is available in dietary supplement (solution) as well as in topical (cream or spray) form. If you are unable to use colloidal silver solution you can use topical form. The results obtained from both forms will be same and long lasting. Before taking any supplement for any illness you should first consult your doctor.

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