How Do I Get Rid Of Blackheads – 7 Tips That Will Help

Maybe have you had problems with blackheads like I had, maybe you just want to prevent them. In all cases, to get rid of blackheads you must use good preventive treatment.

Here are the 7 ways of How to get rid of blackheads:

1- Use gentle exfoliants.

These will help get rid of extra skin cells so they don’t get blocked up in your pores and will also exfoliate the actual poors. Helping reduce the chance of clogging up the said pores and therefore less blackheads, because this is one of the main causes of blackheads.

2- Use a gentle cleanser (that would be water soluble).

Be careful what type of cleanser you use. Some soap bars have products that will clog up your pores and even some other types of products. Inform yourself about this type of product. The use of these cleanser is to moisture the skin and clean off excess dirt or sebum that could clog up your pores.

3- Use a harder exfoliant.

This would be for really bad cases. An example would be Microderm abrasion I personnally don’t use these. They only take care of the problem temporarily anyways, the blackheads will come back.

4- Use masks or oil absorbing paper.

This will help people with oily skin. Oil will also build up in your pores, absorbing the excess will help you prevent further break outs.

5- Use hormone blockers or other medication.

These products for people with real oily skin. Medications such as Acutane will be prescribed by a dermatologist or a doctor. There use seems to be effective, but only for severe cases, as they have some side effects.

6- Remove your blackheads.

Removing the liquid in a blackhead is good, since it will relieve pressure on your skin. Be careful doing this. If you pinch to hard, you will cause blemishes and damage the skin. You need to go softly and not to aggressively. Be patient it will work.

7- Use retinoids.

These products seem to really work. The skin seems less oily, so there will be no build-up in your pores.

You now know How to get rid of your blackheads. These are great preventive treatments and will help you along your way.

I am a student that has had blackheads and acne problems myself. So I really hope this guide helped you answer the question: “How do I get rid of blackheads? []”.

Note there are also treatments for already apparent blackheads or acne [].

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