How to Get Rid of Your Zits

To understand how to get rid of your zits you have to understand what causes the zits in the first place.

The formation of zits is a complicated process that even scientists & dermatologists don’t completely understand at this time. Zit bacteria gets trapped inside a skin pore (which is a hair follicle) and the bacteria then feed on the trapped oil (sebum) in the pore, multiply quickly and cause an infection. The body is aware of this infection and tries to protect itself, leading to inflammation, which show as huge, red, inflamed zits.

Knowing this detailed information we can know how to get rid of zits.

Firstly: Destroy the bacteria.

Secondly: Reduce the oil on the surface of the skin because the oil can block up the skin pores and gives “food” for the bacteria to thrive on; less oil means less zits.

Thirdly: Stop the skin pore from getting clogged again. Keep the dead skin cells from blocking up a pore, and you will reduce the number of zits.

And here is how to get rid of zits in three easy to follow steps!

1 – Wash / Cleanse Your Face

This first step will accomplish several things: remove excess oil from the skin surface, kill the bacteria on the skin surface and remove the dead skin cells that normally accumulate on the skin surface.

You need a gentle, non-comedogenic (oil-free), non-irritating antibacterial cleanser (the antibacterial ingredient usually included in such preparations is called “triclosan”).

Wash your hands. Splash your face with warm water. Apply the cleanser to your hands and work into a rich lather and then apply to the face, being extra careful to be gentle – there is absolutely no need to scrub / rub your face hard as this will NOT help to clear the zits. Gently, using little pressure and only the tips of your fingers, rub the cleanser onto your skin for one minute, all over your face included the unaffected areas. This is to make sure that all the bacteria are killed and excess oil is removed along with the dead skin cells. Rinse the cleanser from your face and gently pat the skin dry with a clean towel – do not rub it.

2 – Benzoyl Peroxide is a very common over-the-counter zit treatment product. BP as it also known works by creating an oxygen rich environment within the skin, interrupting the metabolic process of the zits bacteria causing the bacteria to die off. It is also anti-inflammatory hence helping to reduce redness.

Use 5%, or better still, 2.5% Peroxide. Apply it gently to your skin after cleansing. Let it dry.

3 – Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxyl acid, meaning it is an exfoliate and will help your skin to shed dead skin cells faster, preventing the dead skin cells from clogging inside the pores and hence trapping bacteria that then leads to zits forming. Visit the ‘acne‘ section of your pharmacy and you will soon find products containing salicylic acid. Often it is a a gel form that contains 2% salicylic acid. It goes on smooth and is invisible when it has dried and stays on all day to provide protection against the dirt of the day.

After the benzoyl peroxide has dried, gently apply the salicylic acid.

The above procedure should be followed done twice each day – once in the morning and again at night before going to bed. Both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid can be irritating to the skin when you first use them; your skin has to get used to these before you can use them to their fullest extent so be patient and initially only use benzoyl peroxide and only use it once per day. Then after a few days it to twice each day. Once your skin is used to it start using the salicylic acid slowly. Do this ‘build up’ process for the first week, after which you should be using quite a bit of both of the products.

Change your pillow case every day as the body (in this case the face) sheds dead skin cells all the time and it is these that can block up the skin pores. So after you have performed your evening cleansing your face will lie on a clean, bacteria free, pillow case.

And that’s all you need to do! You have now protected your skin from the 3 main causes of zits, and your skin will begin to clear very quickly – it is not at all hard to know how to get rid of zits quickly.

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