Menopausal Acne: When Your Skin Goes Back to Your Teenage Years

Menopausal acne is a disturbing and actually common problem. This flaring up of skin problems normally experienced in teenage years can come back during the menopausal years as they are also marked by pronounced hormone imbalance. Hence, by experiencing strong fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels, the skin of a woman in this stage can experience menopausal acne.

Natural solutions to menopause acne are the same as those recommended to teenagers: good skin hygiene and regular cleaning with an anti-acne soap and healthy living and eating habits.

Menopausal acne is usually not a welcomed sign of menopause and a woman might find it even more disturbing to see her body image change again. She can consult her pharmacist and physician to discuss the optimal treatments for her condition. A woman should keep in mind though that as ugly as she may find her menopause acne, it will probably resolve on its own when her condition stabilizes.

It is highly recommended to all women going through menopause to drink plenty of water daily (eight to ten glasses per day on average). Drinking water regularly will also improve the condition of menopausal acne as it will ensure proper hydration of the skin.

Another very important step in treating and minimizing menopausal acne is by keeping to a minimum the amount of food rich in fat in one’s diet. When a woman has a diet rich in fatty food, her sebum production is then increased thus making her skin oilier and more prone to menopausal acne.

There is nothing better than a nice sweat to open up the pores of the skin. When exercising regularly, a woman ensures that she will keep her heart and lungs in healthy condition and will also help her skin stay away from menopause acne and keep that radiant glow. The care of a specialized esthetician after checking with one’s doctor can be of great help to control and prevent menopausal acne.

There are also a lot of natural products offered on the market to help deal with menopausal acne. Discussing the options with one’s pharmacist can be of great value for a woman experiencing menopause acne. Mild skin cleaning before bed time is a very good habit to control menopausal acne.

Sometimes more pronounced menopausal acne can be a problem and a topical antibiotic cream or medicated gel might be indicated. Discussing these menopausal acne treatments with your physician will prove helpful. Rarely a woman will need to use antibiotics by mouth or surgery to deal with her menopausal acne. One has to keep in mind that menopausal acne is a transient phenomenon and will get better over time as hormone levels settle.

Participating in discussion groups with women who are also going through menopause and experiencing such symptoms as hot flashes and menopause acne is a great way to find and share tricks and tips to help this condition. If such a support group does not exist in a woman’s community she can decide to form one and start helping her fellow menopause women. Another valuable option is to join an internet forum dedicated to menopause problems such as menopause acne and exchange with like-minded women.

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