These Critical Steps Must Be Taken Immediately If You Have Cystic Acne

According to dermatologists, cystic acne is the most serious form of acne and those who have it require an immediate treatment from medical experts.

While all the causes of cystic acne are not fully understood, we do know that cystic acne cysts look like a closed sac and inside them is a tissue with a semisolid substance and fluid with a gaseous appearance. These cysts may appear on any part of the body and come in different sizes, normally they range up to about five millimeters.

These cysts can form a scar and may even develop into severe problems. They may also cause you some slight pain the moment they burst, which will then later result into deep scarring.

Dermatologists see cystic acne as the most severe form of acne. This is because topical medications like Proactive or Murad skin care products are not able to penetrate down to their root. They may also take a long time before they completely heal after bursting.

For cystic acne treatments cases, including adult cystic acne, it’s always recommended letting a dermatologist handle it, since their medications are usually oral medicines which will help far better than any topical medications.

Normally, the most effective cystic acne cure drug that is prescribed for the treatment of cystic acne is Isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is a type of drug that reduces the production of sebum and hence dries out the acne.

Isotretinoin comes in a form of a pill and it is the single prescription that can cure acne inflammation, clogged pores on your skin and reduce excess oil production.

The usual prescription for this pill lasts for 20 weeks, though when using it, you don’t need any other form of treatment.

However, this medication also includes some severe side-effect, like birth defects, which directly affects a developing fetus. Because of this, experts obviously do not allow pregnant women to take this medicine.

Likewise, the patients who are taking this medication are always scheduled for regular check-ups to monitor the occurrence of any additional side-effects.

Example of other side-effects that maybe caused by Isotretinoin are: some chest pain, muscles aches, depression, and the drying of either the eyes or the lips or both.

When any of these side effects occur, the patient is advised to see a doctor immediately for this may be harmful to their health.

With women, alternative treatments for cystic acne including oral contraceptives are usually prescribed as a cystic acne treatment. That’s because this later medicine can be used for a longer period without creating any side-effects.

Synthetic steroids are also regularly prescribed by the doctors for various causes of cystic acne. This treatments for cystic acne medicine helps to restrain the production of some hormones which are responsible for stimulating oil production.

In case the oral contraceptives don’t do the job, then experts suggest draining the cyst. However, this acne surgery should be performed by professionals.

Pricking or squeezing the cystic acne is discouraged by dermatologists because it probably will lead to an infection, which normally causes your cystic acne to last even longer.

With cases of inflamed cysts, these should always be handled by a dermatologist. He may decide to apply a highly diluted dose of corticosteroid. If he does, this corticosteroid will speed up the healing process and lessen most of the inflammation.

This procedure usually is painless and causes good results in about a week’s time and also avoids scars developing and any additional ruptures.

However, this particular cystic acne treatments medication is not the primary choice for treating cystic acne by a number of dermatologists. That’s because corticosteroid cures only recently grown cystic acne.

In the end, if you believe you have cystic acne, then it’s always best to check with a dermatologist for their evaluation and to get their treatment advice.

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