Traditional vs. Natural Acne Remedies-Which is Right for You?

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the being battled by people all over the world. Regardless of where you are from, your race or gender, you’ve probably had to deal with acne at some point in your life. And surprisingly enough, experts are finding that age isn’t necessarily a shield against potential acne outbreaks, since acne affects millions of adults too. However, it’s true that for the most part, acne‘s main victims are teenagers.

Whether teens or adults, acne can be caused by a number of different factors. One of the culprits could be hormonal imbalances, especially true during our teenage years (though tougher for some of us to remember). Dietary reasons could also come into play. However, the primary cause is the overproduction of oil in the skin, causing blockages in the pores. For some people, this can just lead to a pimple here and there, occasionally showing up…most likely at the worst time! For others, this can lead to severe cases of acne that are difficult to manage and seemingly impossible to prevent or get under control.

Medical researchers and drug manufacturers realize the debilitating impact acne can have, especially during our teen years. But even for adults, severe cases of acne can leave more than just physical scars. The emotional toll that comes with feeling self-conscious about one’s looks can be overwhelming.

Today, researchers have come up with hundreds (if not thousands) of acne-fighting products. Some of these are best used for acne prevention while others have been designed to take care of existing acne outbreaks. Most of them use the same types of chemicals to help fight acne with minor variations in the ingredients or how their used. Many people experience excellent results with traditional acne medications and in due time, find that they’re able to control their acne with these time-tested methods.

However many times people wish to avoid the chemicals used in acne medications since, often times, these chemicals can be quite harsh, especially for sensitive skin. As an alternative, many acne sufferers opt for natural or herbal acne remedies either in lieu of or in addition to traditional acne medications. This can limit or entirely remove the need for them to use typical acne medications which might be too intense for their skin.

The only downside is that since such remedies aren’t as strong, they might take longer for noticeable effects to be realized. But even if that is the case, natural remedies might be an option you want to consider as part of your acne fighting regimen too.

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