Anti Aging Solutions – Mindset, Passion And Humour As Remedies – Part 2

It is no news that the web is filled with millions of anti aging tips, guides and helps to combat aging and achieve teen-like skin glow, with thousands of cosmetic corporations, health and fitness outfits selling their anti aging products and services ranging from supplements, anti cellulite creams, healthy living tips, plastic surgeries to mention but a few. But if the fact will be faced without us hiding under the cloak of wishful fantasy, you and I will agree that aging is inevitable and it is as a result of us growing old.

PART 2 Continued….

Positive attitude.

Everybody lives through life with ambitions to achieve. From early 20s we work to make our dreams come true, from age 40 and above, we unconsciously evaluate what we have achieved of our dreams for life. If we fall terribly short, the natural thing an average person will assume is that life has not been fair. He/she may unconsciously give in to bitterness; this in itself make you look aged, but if you have a positive approach, it’s about the best anti aging solution you can adopt, positive attitude to life at 40 make you look 10 years younger.

Have a goal in life and passion for a cause.

These original anti aging solutions are as important and they form an extension to the tips already shared above. Carry out a quick mind travel of the world’s greatest state men who had goals and passion to achieve those causes. The energy that comes from within to pursue and achieve their goals keeps them perpetually looking young and agile even at 70! Set for yourself a goal and passion to achieve, and you will hardly know when you clock 80, still up and bouncing, looking fresh.

Be humorous.

Last of the original anti aging solution is a humorous nature. Good sense of humour and a jovial character is good medicine to the spirit (and of course to the body). Scientists have discovered the link between humorous nature and youthful looks. Be less serious with yourself, brake a bit and take life easy. Get your grandchildren around you if you are a grandparent, it brings out the humour in you, like magic. Share jokes with friends. Doing all these will go along way to peel years off your looks, making you more attractive and fun to be with.

Making a lifestyle out of these anti aging solutions guarantees you a frank, realistic and best anti aging decision you would take. Welcome this stage of your life with these solutions and be on the cruise to living longer, looking radiant and healthier.

Tony Oladele writes on health and fitness.He is an advocate for healthy living and environment.

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