The Best Treatment For Hair Loss Including The Effectiveness Of Hair Transplants And Propecia

When I started shedding lots of hair on my pillow 4 years ago I was utterly devastated and started to panic. I wanted to research into why this was actually happening to me. My research lead me to believe that the loss of hair can be caused by a number of reasons –

– Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) also known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This is the most common type of hair loss in men. I discovered that I was losing my hair because I had MPB. MPB is genetically inherited from either the mother or the fathers side of the family.

In brief Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the blood causes hair follicles from which hair grows to shrink and this leads to shedding of hair on the head. All of the hair at the front, top and the crown of the head falls out. This leads to the appearance of a horse shoe shape in bald men with hair remaining around the sides and back of the head.

– Prolonged vitamin, protein and iron deficiencies in the diet can cause hair to fall out.

– Stress, Smoking and mistreating hair by excessive pulling and yanking can lead to the loss of hair.

– Side effects from medical treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy can result in hair falling out.


A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves transferring hair from the back and the sides of the head called the donor area to the area on the scalp that contains little hair called the recipient area. The old fashioned way of performing a hair transplant would involve large round plugs of hair bearing skin with more than 12 hairs per graft being extracted from the donor site to the recipient area on the scalp. This however resulted in obvious patchy scarring in the donor site and and very unnatural plug like tufted look where the plugs were inserted in the recipient area.

Hair transplant surgery has evolved since technology has become more advanced making it more effective and unnoticeable. Smaller plugs of hair are now used, very small grafts called micrografts or follicular units. These usually contain 1 to 4 hairs. In 1 surgery session it is possible to transfer a couple of thousand plugs. It is usually a day only procedure under local anaesthesia. The new transplanted hairs fall out in a few weeks but they then begin to grow again after something like 10 weeks and continue to grow. Hair is also lost in the donor area after surgery but begins to regrow in a few months. There may be some scarring at the donor site but its usually hidden by the regrowth of hair.


Propecia also known as Finasteride was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat Male Pattern Baldness. Propecia works by inhibiting the enzyme that changes testosterone to DHT. Originally Propecia was developed to treat benign hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). It used to only be available on prescription for a doctor however it is now more easily available. Propecia is taken as a tablet once a day.

Propecia has shown to be effective in slowing down MPB for about 80% of men. It can take about 3 months before there is any sign of improvement.


After trial and error with lots of different hair products I found that there were many products on the market that just did not work in stopping my hair problem. Just some of these were –

– Special Shampoos. Some hair care products claim to unclog hair follicles. There is quite a few of these out there as I’m sure you know, Revivogen, Hair Genesis, Nioxin, Avacor etc. These shampoos may thicken the hair shaft by coating them temporarily but do not produce any real hair growth.

– Snake Oil. There is no shortage of snake-oil merchants out there ready to take advantage of worried balding men. This includes jojoba oil, and lanolin.

– Laser Treatment. You might of heard about the Hairmax Laser Comb. Some argue that it is FDA approved and therefore effective in treating MPB. All this means is that the product will not harm you. There is no evaluation for actual effectiveness of this product. It failed to work for me. Products similar to this have been around for a long time.

When I started losing my hair 4 years ago I started to panic. In an attempt to save my hair I purchased $20 shampoos, $50 hair tonics and spent over $500 on herbal treatments and propecia pills! If there’s a hair loss product out there I’ve probably tried it. If theres a scam out there chances are I’ve been unlucky enough to fall for it.

After 2 years of trial and error with hair loss products I’ve compiled my findings into a report. In it I will tell you which products do not work and which treatment regime I have used for the past 2 years that has been effective in growing my hair back, and has proven to be the best treatment for hair loss without resorting to expensive hair transplants. The report covers the best treatment for hair loss in my experience of trial and error with different products and the effectiveness of hair restoration treatments, propecia, hair transplants and other treatment products.

To get more information and to view before & after photos of me using my hair loss treatment regime, please visit – []

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