How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry


There are many different things that are made from stainless steel. This may be because stainless steel is highly durable, cost effective, and easy to clean. Among the many things that are made of stainless steel are kitchen appliances, sinks, pots and pans, and of course, jewelry. Jewelry may be easier to clean than all of these things for the simple fact that jewelry is smaller and easier to handle. Before purchasing jewelry made of stainless steel it is important to learn to how clean jewelry.

Many people may wonder if using water will suffice in cleaning steel jewelry. While you can, in fact, use water to do the cleaning of your jewelry, it is not recommended. Doing so may cause water spots, which are caused by the build-up of magnesium and calcium in the water. And you wouldn’t want to ruin your precious jewelry with water spots, would you? This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the proper steps in learning how to clean stainless steel jewelry.

One thing to remember when learning how to clean steel jewelry is that it is not wise to use soap and water. When using soap to clean your jewelry, it is very possible for soap scum to appear on your jewelry. If you do choose to go with the soap and water method anyway, then try using dish washing liquid as it is less likely to leave spots or build-up on your accessories. Still, there are much better resources that can be utilized when learning how to clean your jewelry.

Stainless steel cleaning polish is available in many different stores and locations. It is always the best choice when learning how to clean stainless steel jewelry. This is because most jewelry doesn’t actually need to be cleaned as if you were cleaning your home or your fishes, it actually needs to simply be polished to remove dust, dirt, or finger prints that commonly show up on your favorite jewelry.

Once you have selected the cleaning polish of your choice, you are ready to begin cleaning your jewelry. Some polishes require the jewelry to be soaked in the cleaning substance for a period of time. Others simply require you to spray the designated area of your steel jewelry that needs to be cleaned or polished and wipe it away with a towel or washcloth.

These polished remove dirt and dust to reveal the shimmer and shine of your jewelry. Caring for your jewelry [] is rather simple, but learning how to clean steel jewelry properly is essential in assuring the lasting shine and beauty [] of your jewelry.

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