In Adoration of Jewelry

The love of jewelry began many years ago as ancient people learned to adorn themselves using variety of materials to show rank or wealth, for ornament or utility and sometimes use them to follow superstitious custom and fashion. The use of a variety of materials such as berries, nuts, perforated stones, shells, ivory, seeds, feathers, hair, bone, teeth, and metals are essential on making such jewelries. Ancient people consider the use of any object to adorn them as jewelry because it makes them look more attractive in the eyes of others.

The universal forms of jewelry that people use until now are necklace, rings, bracelets, earring, and even pins. Jewelry often used by primitive people during the ancient times are made of Bronze and Silver. There are even pieces of jewelry made of silver but that made of gold still has a great value in the market. Jewelry made of gold is one of the most expensive things in the world. Adding precious pearls and gems makes jewelry more attractive and more expensive. People are so creative that they thought about adding expensive add-ons such as pearl and other gemstones to make gold more valuable.

When we talk about jewelry, we often forget we have a vast collection of jewelry types in our society. The term jewelry does not refer to expensive gold and gems only but also the cheaper types. Inexpensive jewelry, referred to as accessories, adds glow in every person’s fashion. It is a wonder how colorful a necklace or other item can be. Bracelets and anklets made of beads are in demand in the market now. Women and even kids often use jewelry accessories like these during non-formal occasions. The prices are cheaper than gold jewelry so all can afford to buy. As of now, both genders have their own types of jewelry but men still, in general, use less types – mainly bracelets, necklaces and rings.

It is amazing how jewelry can lift the heart of a woman (or man). Sometimes jewelry can be a symbol of a man’s love to his sweetheart by offering it as a gift. Aside from adornment, jewelry serves as a yardstick on how significant to you a certain person is. The love of jewelry continues as many people uses it in every formal and non-formal function. And jewelry comes in handy whenever there are special occasions to attend or a special person to spend time with.

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