Opal – A Gemstone Of Ancient Fantasy

Just like fantasy, opal has the magical power to show you all the colors of the rainbow with just one look. Opal reflects a multitude of colors that gives the impression you are looking at the colors of a rainbow on close range. It can be captivating and needs to be seen to be admired. It is the birthstone of those born in October and is a symbol of many ancient beliefs. However, which ever belief makes you the happiest, it is without question that opal is a gemstone that cannot fail to be in awe of and which will form a valuable part of any jewelry collection.

It originates from various parts of the world – Australia, Nevada and Former Czechoslovakia for example, and has had a varied history from lovers of the gem to those that thought it had a darker origin. Beliefs abound in respect to opal!

There are three main classifications of opal: black, white and transparent. A black opal, that which reflects the most luminous colors, is the most valuable of all. Not included in this classification are those that do not reflect a display of colors. These are the fire, prase and blue-green opal. One other amazing thing about opals is that they contain water from 3 to 10% of their full weight!

With a display of rainbow colors, opal is really the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because its iridescence renders it as one of the most precious stones in the world today. It is now a popular choice for gem collectors and lovers of fine jewelry around the world. believing that opals fell from heaven. However popular it was, opal somewhat lost its “charm” when a widely-read novel pictured opal as an unlucky stone. But the stigma did not last, and opal won back its popularity among the collectors’ circle and possibly every gem lover.

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