Advantages of Dental Implant


Benefits of Dental Implants

Benefits such as comfort,Guest Posting high strength, practicality, restoring natural chewing ability and excellent beauty, make patients more satisfied than fixed bridges or removable bridges. If the teeth are completely hygienic, these teeth will be permanent (Lifetime).

With implant treatment, other teeth no longer fall victim to the replacement of missing teeth.

The base of the implant is placed inside the bone like the root of a tooth and the jawbone is not degraded by the implant due to support. Therefore, the shape of the face is less subject to changes due to tooth loss.

Dental implants typically have a longer lifespan than other alternative treatments and can be replaced if the implant is lost.

several years ago, when we graduated dental school, if a person was edentulous if they lost all their teeth, all that dentistry could afford was either a full upper or a full lower denture. Today a beautiful office like Silverhill Dental with specialists can coordinate modern technology with the art of old-time dentistry. We can place implants in an upper or lower jaw and then insert an upper and a lower denture into the implants so that the final restoration has a tremendous function. A person can eat, speak, smile, gain confidence, exercise, apply for jobs, and fall in love.

This is a tremendous boon to dentistry because for long years dentists made several million full gorgeous upper dentures, but lower dentures were always a nemesis. With two to four implants, that lower denture is a fantastic restoration for people.

Dr. Laleh Rahmani work in Silverhill Dental in Etobicoke (family and cosmetic dentistry) and Copperhills Family Dentistry in Newmarket. She works with Dr. Payam Ouyar Hossein and Dr. Reza Sartipi.

When people come in, we do an initial consultation with us and then usually, I take impressions. 

We construct the dentures whether a couple of teeth have to be extracted or implants are placed at the end of that procedure. The patient comes into our room, and we insert the dentures. They never leave without teeth. This, again, is a wonderful thing. We need an office with a surgeon, a cosmetic dentist and a lab, all of which are in Silverhill Dental, something we’re very proud of lately. There is an expression all on four. All on four is placing four implants, two on one side, two on one side either in the upper or lower jaw and then again the immediate placement of the denture that clicks right in into the implants. This is an exciting new concept that seems to be working very, very well, and we’re excited to be participating in this. We would like you to come into our office. Our consultations are complimentary. We’d like you to see our facility meet the doctors meet the lab technician, and allow us to help you have a very filling and wonderful life.

Free Dental Implant Consultation

a dental implant is a fixture which replaces the tooth’s natural root and anchors the artificial tooth to the jaw bone most implants are made of a biocompatible titanium alloy and are shaped somewhat like a screw it is surgically placed into the jawbone and a crown is later attached to the implant. the implant placement surgery to replace a single tooth is typically fairly straightforward a small incision is typically made in the gum and a series of drills are used for the osteotomy which is a technical word for a hole in the bone the titanium implant itself is then physically threaded into place, not unlike a screw following successful surgery for single dental implants most patients experience little to no pain or discomfort an impression or mould of the teeth and implant position is made and a crown is fabricated by a dental laboratory typically out of porcelain or zirconia or porcelain fused metal this crown is then attached to the implant itself whether with a screw or cemented onto a screw-retained abutment in the case of multiple missing teeth an implant-supported bridge or denture may be fabricated and supported by two or more implants at Silverhill Dental. We do offer dental implants as an option to replace single or several missing teeth. Visit our website or contact one of our offices for a free implant consultation.

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