Underwire Bra – Been Around For a While But So Effective

Probably one of the oldest designs to the bra is the underwire, a very simple concept but oh so magical results can be achieved from this bra. This bra can be dated back to 1893 when a lady called Marie Tucker applied for a patent for a “breast supporter” as it was called then, in New York.

They are so called underwire bra’s because they have a very thin but a rigid curved metallic strip that encompasses the side and bottom of each cup. The majority are actually metallic flat wire, a few do have a plastic wire, but they have proven to be not as effective in support as the metallic ones. The metallic strip is usually coated with nylon at either ends to try to prevent the metal wire from breaking through the material of the actual bra, as this reduces the effectiveness and the overall enhancement effect of the bra.

The underwire bra is not limited to one design, the underwire has been incorporated into numerous bra designs, most notably the push up bra which most people are familiar with, but it has also been used very successfully on shelf bras, demi bras and maternity bras to name but a few.

The underwire offers tremendous amount of support and lift. Depending on design the wire can also help determine the final shape and position of your breasts, so it is important to look at each underwire bra independently to ensure that you will be happy with the results if you decide to buy.

Unfortunately, with this amazing lift and support, there are some draw backs to the bra, we like to tell you the good and the bad, a very small number of women find the extra support from the wire causes skin irritation and some breast pain. If you don’t take care of your bra correctly, the wire can poke through and cause pain and irritation issues for you. Also in recent years the underwire bra has become something of a security risk, the metal wire can and does set of metal detectors in places such as airports, this can be an inconvenience as often require further security checks in your breast region. There have been times noted that security has required the removal of the bra for further security checks.

Interesting facts: over the years there have been confirmed reports that the underwire bra has actually saved some lives by deflecting bullets from striking the heart… interesting and very true.

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