Cellulite – The Principals Behind Cellulite Reduction


Unfortunately, the truth is, it is just not possible to remove the cellulite completely.

The consolation fact though is, you can reduce your cellulite by one or two grades, by undergoing a few of the effective treatments that this article will cover. Here are some points to remember if you want to reduce your cellulite effectively:

a) Firstly, fat cells in the dermis layer are required to contract extensively.

b) Secondly, fats cells have to get separated from each other so that there may be adequate space between these cells and there may be proper lymphatic drainage between them. The body’s capability to consume extra toxins and lymphatic waste should also improve, hence decreasing the swelling in the effected parts of the body.

c) Third, your connective tissues would need to have the ability to stretch further; as this will can help to enhance the skin tone as well as the elasticity of it.

d) Finally, the body’s hormone level must be normal and should not fluctuate in order to reduce the cellulite.

The thing is, you can find countless treatments for reducing cellulite. Adopting a multi-prong approach, there are several methods you can try to reduce cellulite.

For example, body wrapping is one of the most common method to reduce the cellulite in your body. Usually with this kind of treatment, a cream is applied to the affected part of the skin. After applying the cream, the affected part of the skin is normally covered with bandages.

Such cellulite treatment can produce the results by decreasing the level of extra amounts of fluids and toxins in fat cells, but, still it may not be helpful in making your connective tissues elongated.

Several other ways to reduce your cellulite exists. You can go for massage therapy, apply cellulite cream, try to do more exercises or even the more expensive option of undergoing a cellulite laser treatment.

Which option you choose to reduce your cellulite depends on your own personal circumstances, and not all treatment is suitable for everyone. It’s always important to diagnose the cause of your cellulite first though. After this the proper treatment is possible.

For example if abnormal estrogen production is the cause of the cellulite in some person, then the proper drugs to normalize the hormone level should be administered. Similarly if obesity is the cause of severity of cellulite, then proper exercises or treatments should be applied to reduce the obesity and cellulite.

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