Colloidal Gold and Skin Burns

Colloidal gold is recommended for a variety of health conditions one more serious than the other; some of the widest topical applications include psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, insect bites and skin burns. The risk of getting a solar skin burn is sometimes much higher than we’d care to know, and the afterwards symptoms are really bothersome.

The immediate relief of the symptoms quickly follows the administration of colloidal gold solution on sun-burnt skin. The itching and discomfort will be gone and the burning sensation will be over. Even if the skin damage is more advanced and blisters are already formed, colloidal gold is still the right cure to use as it will help to the quick regeneration of the tissue.

Colloidal gold works well for the treatment of deeper burns that affect larger amounts of tissue; this means that it needs to be applied on the new formed crust that has the tendency to break easily. There are certain measures to be followed for the proper healing of the area; the best way to apply colloidal gold is by a spray or a dropper, and the concentration of the metal in the solution should be a higher one for immediate positive results to appear. Before purchasing the product check the colloidal gold content in the structure to make sure that there is enough mineral to ensure a successful treatment.

The benefits of using colloidal gold for the treatment of burned tissue are manifold, first of all, there is an acceleration in the cellular regeneration process meaning that new cells will be formed more rapidly. Then the immune function is well stimulated so as to reduce the risk of infections and last but not least, colloidal gold also alleviates the pains, sores and general discomfort associated with burns, regardless of their nature. Sun burns or deep tissue burns from exposure to open flame cure a lot more rapidly when treated with colloidal gold.

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