Men And Their Skin – Not That Tough After All

Men will usually evade the idea that they need proper skincare. Might as well admit it, the oozing testosterone in your body tell you that you are made up of some unbreakable material, which makes you impervious to anything that can damage your external covering. Well, experts will be a little bit more in-your-face today as they tell you that your skin experience the same catastrophes as women do.

The aging process and pollutants in the environment are two of the biggest factors that start off your outer layer’s deterioration. And that machismo thing you have been feeding your mind all these years can do nothing about it. So instead of persisting on the idea that you are indestructible, you better take a look at how you can better care for your skin.

First things first; you should know that a man’s skin is very sensitive. If you don’t believe it, try scratching it very lightly, you will notice dry lines and redness on the trail of your fingernails. Dryness and redness are indicators that you have sensitive external covering; therefore, you are not that tough after all.

A large percentage of the male population experiences certain forms of sensitivity. Not that you are born with it, it’s just that your lifestyle make things worse for your outer coating. Your choice of food, smoking, too much alcohol, and the general lack of exercise in most men are all stacked up against the skin. Ignoring it is not just a matter of disregarding your overall wellness; it reflects your neglect for your social relationships as well.

Now What?

If you decide to embrace the light, your skincare regimen must start with saying goodbye to all the bad habits that can damage your external covering. If you are able to do this, then everything else that follows is a walk down the hill.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Remember the time when you were still on your school’s football varsity team? You drank a lot of sports energy drink each game and, every time, your thirst just didn’t disappear. Now that you are older, you have to do the exact same thing; no not the football varsity part, but the drinking part.

Drinking plenty of water or any other healthful fluids can help in moisturizing your skin. Moisture is the one thing that it can live without. Experts say, you have to drink around 8 to 12 glasses of water everyday for it to flush out harmful toxins.

Exfoliate The Surface Layer

All the ugly spots on your face and elsewhere are visible mainly because of the dead cells on the surface layer. Exfoliation will help you get rid of old and dead cells while allowing a new and smoother layer to appear. A newer surface will make you look more handsome and younger too.

Take Supplements

Having great skin should start from within. But you can not possibly nourish it on proper diet alone. You need to boost the supply of minerals and nutrients that feed it; by taking supplements like vitamins E and C, you help your skin become more elastic and resistant to antioxidants.

Shun The Sun

Men love the outdoors, and that means lots of sunshine. But remember that over exposure to sunlight can prematurely age your skin. Worse, it can allow unsightly spots and blemishes to appear on it. So, to avoid problems you better start protecting yourself from the sun. Various sun blocks and sunscreens can help you minimize the effects of sunlight on your skin.

Truly, if you want to become a better man, you need to start taking care of your skin. Apart from the basic steps described above, there are also products which you can use to improve it. For age spots and other blemishes, apply products like Lumnaderm. For more information, you can click on

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