An Explanation of the Medifast Diet

The Medifast diet is a portion controlled diet plan in which the dieter only eats the pre-packaged meals that have been provided. The meals are designed so that each portion contains the correct amount of calorie and nutritional intake. The diet itself follows what is known as a 5 & 1 plan. It has been medically proven to create what is called a calorie deficit which allows your body to burn fat for energy. Each meal contains a balance between the needed carbohydrates and proteins that a person should eat on a daily basis.

The diet plan has been clinically proven to be an effective and safe way for both men and women to lose weight more easily than just cutting back and exercising on your own. Medifast consultants tell clients that this is just not a diet that they are on but instead it is a lifestyle that they must become accustomed to. This means that people often have to change their entire lifestyle in order to follow the diet plan.

When a person decides to begin this diet plan it is very important to understand that eating the food provided alone will not ensure that you lose weight. Just like with any diet there must be a regular routine of exercise as well. You should also understand that standing on the scale is not the only way to tell that you are losing weight. There are other indicators as well because in some cases you are not losing weight but instead you are losing inches.

While on the diet you will eat six times a day. This may seem like a lot of food but everything has been portion controlled so that over the course of the day you are getting all the calories and nutrients that you need. It also helps you to control your eating habits by keeping your full all day. There have been some people who say that they sometimes cannot eat all of the food that they have been given for a day.

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