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Have you been eating small meals for several weeks now and yet you don’t seem to lose weight at all? Are you tired of getting the same low carb diet? Do you want to lose as much as 9 pounds every 11 days? Are you and idiot when it comes to losing weight? If your answer is “yes” in all of the questions, then you certainly need the guide called Fat Loss 4 Idiots!

The fat loss for idiots will let you know the real reasons behind those extra guts. If you have been wondering why you are still gaining weight even though you’ve been taking low carb diets, this guide will explain you everything. You will realize that you’ve been taking the wrong kind of food at the wrong time. The Fat Loss for Idiot will tell you all the common methods that do not work and why it does not work.

You will be given the fat loss for idiots diet that you would follow for 11 consecutive days so that you can lose as much as 9 pounds off of your current weight. The guide also includes a diet generator that you can use online so that you will know the foods that you should include in your daily diet.

The fat loss idiot will also tell you the ten secrets as well as rules that your dietitians and gym instructors would not tell you. These rules are considered as the best rules for idiots fat loss.

Moreover, the idiot fat loss guide will teach you how you could stop water retention in your body. You can see all the methods on how you could prevent water retention and gaining extra weight at the guide’s section which they call “Liquids and Fat Burning” section.

Best of all, the Fat Loss for Idiot would allow you to dine at the restaurants and even at fast food chains while burning fat at the same time. You don’t have to crave for your favorite foods. You just need to know which food to order so that you would not have those extra guts and big bellies.

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