Phendimetrazine – A Recipe to Weight Loss

Phenendimetrazine is the new age diet pill for those convinced to lose weight. That’s right! Are you in denial of yourself stuffing with excess food? Are you feeling depressed because of your weight issues? Are you scared to face public? If this is the case with you then you must act fast!

Why Phendimetrazine?

Phendimetrazine is sympathomimetic amine that is similar to amphetamine. It stimulates your central nervous system (brain) and increases blood pressure, thereby reducing appetite. However, this drug should be used as a short term supplement to get faster results and also to relieve one from further health complications due to obesity.

The most important thing to know about Phendimetrazine and other diet anorectic diet pills is that these classes of drugs are habit forming and hence dosage and term of use should be strictly prescribed and monitored by an expert doctor. Regular exercise and diet control must go hand in hand with diet pills. But the treatment with Phendimetrazine is justified when exercise and diet alone fail to produce significant weight loss.

Limited use

People who buy phendimetrazine at the drop of a hat must know that this drug is not meant for all. There are lots of fake drugs and fake pharmacies to lure you into cheap buying and indiscriminate usage. Well we have news for you folks! The drug is habit forming and is certainly not meant for those having:

o Hear problems

o High blood pressure

o Arteriosclerosis

o Glaucoma

o Thyroid problems

o Anxiety

o Diabetes

o Epilepsy

o History of alcohol and drug abuse

o Taken medicines like monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) in the last 14 days

o Pregnancy and infants on breast milk

As far as low dosage is concerned it must be according to the doctor’s advice. This is just to avoid the physical and psychological dependency on the drug or also to avoid the withdrawal effects of the drug if the medicine is stopped abruptly.

Could Phendimetrazine be harmful?

If you are planning to buy phendimetrazine online you must know the usual side effects of the drug. Consult with your doctor about the effects of the drug on the body. If the side effects as serious as those given below you must seek immediate medical help:

o Irregular heart beat

o High blood pressure (severe headache and blurred vision)

o Hallucination

o Abnormal behavior or confusion

o Allergic reaction (difficulty in breathing, closing of throat, swelling of lips, tongue or face etc.)

The other less severe and temporary side effects should also be made aware by pharmacies selling Phendimetrazine online to the consumers. These effects are as follows:

o Restlessness

o Tremor

o Nervousness or anxiety

o Headache or dizziness

o Insomnia

o Dry mouth or unpleasant taste in the mouth

o Diarrhea or constipation and mild stomach troubles

o Temporary impotence or lack of libido

However, whatever the side effects are they are bothersome to you. So always discuss them at full length with your doctor.


Just remember when you kick ass weight loss with anorectic drugs like phendimetrazine, they are meant for only short term obesity management and are used in conjunction with regular exercise and a controlled diet program.

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